Nonprofit moves to Office 365 and SharePoint Online to improve income generation


Nonprofit moves to Office 365 and SharePoint Online to improve income generation

As written by Fiona Knower, Office Manager, British Ballet Organization as written on
The British Ballet Organization (BBO) trains students and teachers in the globally respected BBO syllabi. As a nonprofit organization, we organize courses and events locally, nationally, and internationally to enrich lives through the medium of dance. Working on these events was a challenge because we had limited collaboration tools. We had a shared file server running on an old PC in the office, and I worried about losing teacher, student, and event management information if a backup failed. When we worked on documents, versioning was always a nightmare, so we ended up sending drafts to one another by email. It wasn’t very efficient.
Then we heard about Microsoft Office 365. I saw how we could use SharePoint Online and team sites as a security-enhanced, easily accessible collaboration platform. We deployed Office 365 and now we can coauthor documents simultaneously, track versions accurately, and store our data with robust security in the cloud. Because we can access our work from any PC, laptop, or mobile phone- wherever we have an Internet connection-we are no longer restricted to meetings in the office to get things done. With Office 365, we can work more productively on more events and reinvest more money into the organization!”
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