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Microsoft has been investing in the promise of artificial intelligence for more than 25 years — and this vision is coming to life with new chatbot Zo, Cortana Devices SDK and Skills Kit, and expansion of intelligence tools.
“Across several industry benchmarks, our computer vision algorithms have surpassed others in the industry — even humans,” said Harry Shum, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Research group, at a small gathering on AI in San Francisco on Dec. 13.
“But what’s more exciting to me is that our vision progress is showing up in our products like HoloLens and with customers like Uber building apps to use these capabilities.”
When Bill Gates created Microsoft Research in 1991, he had a vision that computers would one day see, hear and understand human beings — and this notion attracted some of the best and brightest minds to the company’s labs.
Last month, Microsoft became the first in the industry to reach parity with humans in speech recognition. There’s also been groundbreaking work with Skype Translator — now available in 9 languages — an example of accelerating the pipeline from research to product. With Skype Translator Microsoft has enabled people to understand each other, in real time, while talking to others in all corners of the world. But what about the dream of face-to-face, real-time translation?
Using this new intelligent language and speech recognition capability, Microsoft Translator can now simultaneously translate between groups speaking multiple languages in-person, in real-time, connecting people and overcoming barriers.

Managed Solution, New Horizons and SHI recently hosted a Cruise-N-Learn in Newport Harbor aboard the 120 ft. luxury yacht, the Icon. More than 30 technology professionals converged on the vessel picking the brains of Managed Solution’s brilliant engineering staff, dissecting the latest technology and learning how it can shape favorable business outcomes with the highest level of security.
The gorgeous scenery of Newport Harbor offered an unprecedented setting for the high tech work-shop, offering beautiful sights, sounds and plenty of sun.
“With the many events that we host, our goal is not to make the events sales driven but more technical, so we can get down into what’s happening in the industry,” said Sean Ferrel, CEO and President of Managed Solution. “We’re proud to be able to offer such highly talented resources for the business community to take advantage of during events like this. Not only does it forge a foundation for future relationships, but gives those in the technology community a chance to meet and mingle with their peers - which is hard to find the time to do given the pace of business in Southern California.”
The event featured architecture discussion breakouts by Microsoft industry experts so attendees could discuss technology tools that are re-shaping the modern business world. The breakout sessions provided interactive discussions focused on topics including Microsoft Azure & Identity Management, Office 365 & Single Sign-on, Microsoft System Center & Data Center Management, Technology Training Facilities & Programs and Software Licensing. This provided guests with the opportunity to ask questions and collaborate on how these technologies are used in different businesses.

“It was a perfect day. Great weather. Great partners. Great customers. We were happy to be a part of it,”
said Ryan Landry, Vice President & General Manager of New Horizons.
Photos from the event are posted on our Facebook page and below.

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