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Solve Control Issues with Azure Active Directory


Azure Active Directory is an identity and access management tool to simplify employee and management IT needs with ease.

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Is your company’s data secure?

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Keeping data secure is pivotal to the success of all organizations. Office 365 Enterprise E5 Plan is Microsoft’s most secure productivity solution ever—offering industry-leading security and compliance features. Microsoft’s cybersecurity intelligence and machine learning capabilities help protect against unknown malware and detect anomalies quickly to allow a rapid response.
In addition, Office 365 meets many industry and regulatory requirements and helps organizations respond to legal issues with machine learning that quickly identifies relevant content for eDiscovery.
Organizations improve visibility and control with Office 365. Administrators can set control policies, discover “shadow” IT, control data access and gain critical insights into threats.

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Happy International Sushi Day! At Managed Solution, we love sushi just as much as the next person, but we also love Office 365.  This year, we're craving more than just California rolls.  New updates to PowerPoint have left our mouths watering.  So, which is better: sushi or PowerPoint? Check out this infographic to see who comes out on top.

By Kelly Cronin

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2016 U.S. State of Customer Service

By Tricia Morris as written on
As customer service and the customer experience become key differentiators for brands and organizations across all industries around the world, it has never been more important to know as much as you can about customer service expectations, perceptions, preferences and trends so that your organization can not only move forward, but move ahead when it comes to customer service and engagement.
Below is a sneak peek of just a few of the survey responses from United States consumers polled as part of Microsoft’s 2016 State of Global Customer Service Report, which also includes responses from 4,000 additional consumers across Brazil, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. This year’s report also breaks out the data by age groups, revealing some fascinating insights into where customer service expectations and preferences are heading.



As written on
We all understand the importance of good personal hygiene, right? It keeps us from getting ostracized at school, it makes us more attractive to the opposite sex, and most importantly it helps us stay happy and healthy.
Just as brushing our teeth is vital to our individual health, maintaining basic cybersecurity hygiene is critical for the well being of businesses. The overwhelming majority of cyberattacks are the result of computer hackers taking advantage of opportunities that stem from businesses neglecting basic security hygiene. Running an outdated operating system (OS) or antivirus software may not seem like a big deal, but it could provide hackers the window they need to access sensitive corporate information.
Fortunately, investing in the latest technology and revisiting cybersecurity basics can safeguard against roughly 98% of what hackers are doing today. Learn how a renewed focus on security basics can bolster your cyber defense and keep your business happy and healthy in The Cybersecurity Bell Curve infographic.



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