kris laserna managed solutionKristopher Laserna joined the Managed Solution team as the Customer Engagement Manager on Monday, September 21, 2015. Kris comes from a consumer electronics background, having been responsible for mainly the sales/training aspects of each previous company he's worked with. He has come a long way from his first job when he was 15 working as a game attendant for a local arcade, although he jokes that he still holds the fastest record for ticket reloads at an average of five seconds per unit! As the Customer Engagement Manager at Managed Solution, Kris is responsible for developing internal and external training programs and implementing customer engagement projects, while acting as the liaison for the sales and marketing team.
Kris is a born and bred native San Diegan, a rarity these days. He did make his way up and down the California coast for school, starting in San Francisco then down to LA, but eventually making his way back down to good ol' San Diego to where he currently resides. Although not having any pets currently, Kris says he would love to own a pup of his own one day, more specifically a Husky or bigger breed like a Corso or Leonberger; he often dreams of riding it into battle like a knight in medieval times.
For the past five years, Kris has trained in boxing and Muay Thai. In addition to conditioning through martial arts, Kris actively plays in multiple basketball leagues year-round. In the past he's even traveled with his teammates to compete throughout various city/region competitions. Besides being an athlete, another fun fact about Kris is that he enjoys listening to country music and has been known to join in on a good line dancing session from time to time!
We're excited to have Kris on the Managed Solution team, please join me in welcoming him!
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