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Configure automatic Microsoft Intune enrollment of Windows 10 devices when joining Azure Active Directory

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If your company is evaluating Windows 10, which I assume they are, one of the new features with Windows 10 is that you can have your end users to join their off-the-shelf purchased Windows 10 PC to Azure Active Directory. With this feature, users simply just have to know their email and password to get started. For IT departments, they’re able to configure their Azure Active Directory subscription for automatic enrollment of AAD-joined devices with Microsoft Intune. To me, this capability is simply just brilliant. End-users are now able to simply just log on, get all their settings and apps and automatically be managed by the IT department.
In this post I intend to outline the steps required to setup the Azure subscription with Azure Active Directory for automatic Microsoft Intune enrollment.


In order to enable your Azure Active Directory subscription, you’ll need to have purchased Azure Active Directory Premium licenses (or setup a trial for 30-days). As well for the premium licenses, you’ll of course also need a Microsoft Intune tenant. In order to setup a demo environment for the purpose of demonstrating this feature, I’ve performed the following steps:
•Registered a Microsoft Intune tenant by signing up for a 30-day trial
•Signed up for Azure with the tenant created for Microsoft Intune
•Added a 30-day trial of Azure Active Directory Premium
•Assigned an Azure Active Directory Premium license to my Global Administrator account (this is required to be able to configure the Microsoft Intune app through the Azure portal)
At this point, I’ve created a few test users and an All Users group in the Azure Active Directory. This group comes in handy at a later stage when we’re about to configure the Microsoft Intune application through the Azure portal.
It’s also worth mentioning that every user that’s gonna have their Azure Active Directory joined devices automatically enrolled into Microsoft Intune, needs to have an Azure Active Directory Premium license assigned.


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