[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A new vision for the empowerment of Firstline Workers in the digital age was unveiled with the introduction of Microsoft 365 F1 - a new offering that bundles Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security in order to provide an all-in-one intelligent solution to empower all workers.

The modern workplace requires companies to meet new employee expectations, connect a more distributed workforce, and provide the tools that allow all employees to create, innovate, and work together to solve customer and business problems. A truly modern workplace brings out the best in the ingenuity of their employees, creates a culture that consists of innovation and action, and empowers all workers from the executive team  all the way to the Firstline Workforce.

Firstline Workers make up most of our global workforce. Totaling around two billion people around the world, they are the people behind the counter, on the phone, in the clinics, on the shop floor, and in the field. Often times they are the first to engage a business's customers, the first to represent a company’s brand, and the first to see products and services in actual action and practice. They comprise the backbone of many of the globe’s largest industries, and without them, the goals and ambitions of many organizations could not be met.

There is a real chance for technology to provide Firstline Workers with a more intuitive, immersive, and empowering experience. There is a real opportunity for Firstline Workforce to tap into their fullest potential with a variety of tools, spanning from Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to Microsoft IoT, Microsoft AI, and Microsoft HoloLens and the Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem.

Microsoft 365 F1 represents a very important step towards a vision of including the Firstline Workforce in digital transformation by empowering every worker with technology.

Transforming the Experience of the Firstline Workforce

Microsoft 365 F1 provides the tools that enable every worker to push their ideas into action. It fosters culture and community, with Skype Meeting Broadcast for interactive townhall meetings and Yammer to help employees find and share best practices across the company.

Microsoft 365 F1 makes it simple to train and upskill employees, with Microsoft Stream to share dynamic, role-based content and video, and SharePoint to easily distribute onboarding and training materials all while managing institutional knowledge in one secure place.

It supports firstline productivity and digitizes business processes, with Microsoft StaffHub, a purpose-built app for Firstline Workers to manage their workday and Microsoft PowerApps and Flow to automate everyday activities. Today, we’re announcing new capabilities coming to StaffHub, including the ability for employees to clock in/out and track tasks. We are also making it easier for employees to stay connected in StaffHub, by integrating messaging with Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork, and highlighting corporate announcements made in Yammer. Finally, we’re enabling customers to connect StaffHub to workforce management systems and other tools with the availability of general APIs.

Microsoft 365 F1 streamlines IT management, minimizes cost, and extends security to all employees and endpoints. Azure Active Directory provides management of employee identity and access; Microsoft Intune helps secure devices; and new features in Windows 10 simplify the management of Firstline Workers’ experiences, supporting locked down single purpose devices with Windows Assigned Access and automated deployment with Windows AutoPilot.

Finally, we recognize the importance of providing Firstline Workers streamlined and secure devices that minimize total cost of ownership. Today, we’re announcing new commercial devices with Windows 10 S from our OEM partners HP, Lenovo, and Acer. Starting as low as $275, these devices benefit from cloud-based identity and management and are ideal for firstline environments.


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