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When: Webcast Available Until September 30, 2015

Assess Your Tech and Licensing Needs with Resources from Microsoft

As modern technology advances, it’s important to regularly assess your tech, but where do you start? First of all, it’s important to understand the licensing behind the software and services you have or are looking to acquire for your small or midsize business.
Microsoft offers several cost-effective, flexible, and manageable licensing programs tailored to the needs of different types of businesses and organizations. Watch this live webcast to:
  • Understand the types of licensing programs available for your small or mid-size businesses in order to get maximum cost-savings.
  • Discover opportunities provided by the cloud to reduce costs, increase agility, and improve scalability.
  • Find out how to request a free Microsoft Licensing Statement (MLS) report, which provides a view of your license entitlements.
  • Hear about customer offers and other resources that your business can start taking advantage of today.
Organizations that have a better understanding of their own assets will be able to improve IT efficiency by gaining tighter understanding and control over assets and infrastructure, avoid over-buying, help save costs by enabling a well-managed dynamic IT infrastructure, and lower or avoid liability. Watch the on-demand webcast to find out more.
Download the presentation deck here.
About the Stay Compliant Series
This is the second webcast in the Stay Compliant series, which covers the benefits of licensing. The first webcast covered Software Asset Management (SAM) reviews, common cases of mis-licensing, and the benefits of SAM.
Fred Pursell, Senior Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft
Shonda Anderson-Williams, Central Region General Manager, Microsoft
Recommended Audiences: Business Decision Makers, C-Level, Technical Decision Makers

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