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Webinar: Minimize Cost with “Pay As You Go” Licensing


Pay per user, per month has revolutionized the way companies are forecasting expenses, consuming technology and boosting productivity. Microsoft will be trimming down more EA's as it ushers more customers to pay as you go. Watch this on demand webinar to hear how it works.



Join us for a Networking Lunch and Learn How Microsoft Licensing Changes Could Benefit Your Business


Get Expert Advice on Enhancing Operational Efficiencies while Networking with Like-Minded Professionals


Microsoft Licensing has never been easier. Starting in July, Microsoft customers with 500 seats or less will not have enterprise agreements to worry about. Join us to learn more about how your business could save money by switching to pay as you go Microsoft licensing. If you have 500 seats or more enterprise agreements may not make sense for you either. Microsoft MPSA and CSP programs give you more options than ever to see which licensing purchase method makes the most sense for your ever changing business.
-Enterprise Agreement Changes
-Options for Customers with 500 Seats or Less
-Information for Customers with 500 Seats or More
-Microsoft Jump Start Incentives that may help you transition
-Price Comparisons for working with a Cloud Solution Provider
Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Benefits:
-Save $$ Pay Only for What you Use
-No True Ups-Monthly Billing Turns Licensing into an Operating Expense
-Up to 20% Off Microsoft Portal Pricing
-Unlimited Access to Microsoft Enterprise Level Support

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