Office 365 is the Ideal Cloud Solution for the Legal Industry

The power of working ‘in the cloud’ is changing how business runs by increasing productivity, reducing costs and resource expenditure, and enhancing collaboration and teamwork. Legal firms are looking to reduce overhead, increase the billable hours, increase efficiency so that its team can spend more time meeting their clients’ needs, maximizing revenue and securing client referrals.

This is where Office 365 becomes the ideal technology partner for any firm. Cloud-powered Office 365 not only has the standard office applications everyone knows such as Word and Excel, it includes enterprise-grade services such as online storage, secure document sharing, real-time co-authoring and collaboration, along with content, search and social communication tools.

Why Office 365 for your firm?

Secured Enterprise-Grade Cloud Platform

Office 365 is compliant with all industry standards with built-in capabilities such as permissions, version control, eDiscovery and records management. Learn more about reducing costs and challenges with Office 365 eDiscovery.

Ultimate Mobility – Work from Anywhere, Anytime

There is virtually no need for new hardware to maximize productivity and collaboration in your office. Get to your applications and files from anywhere on just about any device, whether Mac, PC, iPad, tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone. Better still, collaboration can take place between teammates, clients and lawyers from other firms. Criminal defense firm RTR in Miami, Florida switched from a dated workflow of fax machines, couriers and a suspect in-house server to Office 365’s powerful cloud platform – read the case study and see how their productivity jumped by 25%!

Store, Access and Share Securely from Anywhere

With 1TB of cloud storage, OneDrive becomes your online briefcase. You can store and access your matter documents online or offline with the ability share them securely with internal or external team members. Be more productive by reducing the time it takes to find documents and reduce expense by cutting back on paper needed to print version after version. Learn more about OneDrive’s capabilities.

Simple Administration and Rock-Solid Security

Protect your data and control access – everything is done from a single admin portal. The built-in security of Office 365 deflects malware, spam, phishing attacks, and any other threats your team might come in contact with.

Scale at Your Own Pace

Whether you’re a large firm, a small practice or a solo practitioner, your journey into the cloud can happen at your own pace. You can choose from a full-scale deployment, hybrid system or a la carte services as needed.

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