Congratulations to Josh Hendrickson, Systems Engineer, for being selected as Managed Solution's May 2015 Player of the Month.

Josh Hendrickson

This award is given on a monthly basis to a Managed Solution employee who has done an amazing job of exemplifying and living up to the Managed Solution Core Values.
"Josh is AWESOME," says a client who worked with him on a recent project. This phrase is also heard internally around the office because Josh is always willing to assist anyone who needs help and often volunteers to work on the weekends and do whatever it takes to get projects completed successfully. Being awesome isn't the only reason Josh is being awarded this month's Player of the Month, he is one of the top billing engineers on the Systems Integration team, leads internal training sessions for the team, and has traveled to the east coast two weeks in a row for client deployment projects - Josh is AWESOME!
Managed Solution recognizes outstanding employees (players) by awarding them Player of the Month. This award is given on a monthly basis to a Managed Solution player who has knocked the socks off of one of our members of leadership by living up to the Managed Solution Core Values on a daily basis. Our values are important. They’re the foundation behind all we do. Players of the Month are recognized and highlighted on the Wall of Fame and rewarded with an extra day of PTO to use on a day of their choice.
Congratulations to all of our Players of the Month:
Here at Managed Solution we thrive in an energetic, performance-driven environment where results, teamwork, and quality of customer satisfaction are recognized and rewarded. Our corporate culture is diverse, open and creative. We look for team members with proven experience, a strong sense of passion and dedication to the highest levels of excellence, technology and business ethics.
At Managed Solution, we strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people - CAREERS

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