Password Protection 101

By Duncan Meadows

One upper case, one lower case, a few numbers with a combination of symbols, and must be complex with 8 to 16 characters long.

Sound familiar? You guessed it, I’m describing your ideal password. Your password is the first line of defense in protecting your identity from cyber thieves.

It’s cumbersome to memorize all your passwords from your bank, phone, email, and work-related computers. But having a complex password is far better because hackers wouldn’t steal your information. Then again you are probably thinking “No one is going to steal my boring life of information.” I would guess again; your information is very valuable to the cyber thieves that lurk in the dark web.


Here are a few tricks and tips of how to keep track of your passwords without going insane remembering them.

Don’t turn your life upside down because of your easy password; get smart and get secured. If you’re looking for more information on how to protect yourself from cyber threats, contact our security experts today to build a customized solution tailored to your needs.