LiveTiles Mosaic for Office 365

LiveTiles Mosaic is a free education solution that lets any school with an Office 365 tenant build collaborative, touch-friendly classrooms in the cloud.
Mosaic extends the power of Office 365, pairing modern UX with intuitive, personalized interactions that inspire discovery and accelerate learning outcomes. It allows teachers to create interactive learning spaces via LiveTiles' elementary drag and drop functionality, and connect students to the classroom anywhere, on any device, at any time.


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how students are being empowered - managed solution

How students around the world are being empowered to achieve more

By Suzanne Choney as written on blogs.microsoft.com
Microsoft is committed to “building immersive and inclusive learning experiences for students and teachers around the world, experiences that build 21st-century skills including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and computational thinking,” writes Tony Prophet, corporate vice president of Education Marketing.
In the classroom, OneNote, Skype, Sway and Minecraft empower teachers and students to create and share in entirely new ways, teach and learn through doing and exploring, accommodate any learning style, and focus the classroom experience on learning outcomes, Prophet says.
Yusuf Medhi, Microsoft corporate vice president of Windows and Devices Marketing, writes that with new Windows 10 devices that are “tailor made for education and perfect for students, we are seeing strong demand for Windows 10 in the classroom,” including Windows 10 devices that start at $199.

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