New Innovations for the Classroom with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update


New Innovations for the Classroom with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

By Terry Myerson as written on
At Build, we announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Today, I’m excited to share additional features for educators and students, alongside other education news today from Microsoft. Today, Windows is the leading global platform for K-12 education. Our enduring goal is for Windows to be the best place to learn and the best platform for teaching.

In today’s modern classroom, our teachers face unique technology challenges:
At the same time, students have so much to gain from the latest technology tools, increasingly not only as a great way to learn, but also as a requirement for many jobs.

All New Tools for Educators with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update delivers new innovations for the modern classroom, including:

new innovations for education - managed solution

new innovations for education 2 - managed solution

new innovations for education 3 - managed solution

New Technology Helps Students Learn and Educators Teach

These features build on other new innovations which will become available in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer. In the modern classroom, students should be able to write notes on their device as they would on paper, ask questions of their personal digital assistant and trust their security is protected. Windows 10 is designed with security in mind, with features like Windows Defender, Device Guard and Windows Hello. And the Windows 10 Anniversary Update delivers new innovations to help kids learn, including:

new innovations for education 4 - managed solution

Other new technology will integrate with Windows 10, offering even more opportunities for the classroom:
Integration with Microsoft Classroom and OneNote: Students can work on assignments with other classmates, including editing each other’s work in real-time and using Windows Ink within OneNote. The Office team shares more details here.
Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows 10: In June, we will be launching an early access program for Minecraft: Education Edition so any educator can download and try it for free on Windows 10. You can read more from the Minecraft team here.
From South Africa to Australia to Puerto Rico to the US, schools are already embracing Windows 10. With the new enhancements coming in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we look forward to making it even easier for classrooms to become more productive with Windows 10.
Schools and families can take advantage of the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 for the next few months, or choose from the broad range of Windows 10 devices available for every budget, starting at $199. Devices like the Acer TravelMate B117, ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP200, Dell Latitude 11 Education Series, Dell Inspiron 3000, HP Stream 11 PRO Notebook PC, Lenovo N22, or Surface Pro 4 offer great Windows 10 experiences, perfect for learning.
* For Windows 10 machines in the Shared Cart configuration, running on affordable hardware
**Cortana available in select markets


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Leveraging big data to meet enrollment (and revenue) targets: school presidents and leading education thought leaders were asked to forecast trends for the year and into the future

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Leveraging big data to meet enrollment (and revenue) targets

At the beginning of this year, school presidents and leading education thought leaders were asked to forecast trends for the year and into the future. Some of the major concerns were centered around enrollment figures in our colleges and universities. There were some positive trends around technology that will help mitigate the enrollment crisis that our schools face.
Here few of the predictions by the experts for 2015:
On the topic of big data, schools are now able use data for current enrolled students to create models that predict likelihood that future applicants will enroll. These predictive models will identify the characteristics of students that are most likely to enroll which schools can leverage in their marketing and outreach efforts.
The fear or concern by administrators may the perceived cost of implementing technology and infrastructure to capture the data. Fortunately for schools, costs and investments to secure this data is minimal as most of it is already collected during the application and admission process for current students. Scaling infrastructure no longer requires massive investment in hardware as it did in the past.
Today's cloud-based infrastructure is quickly scalable and can be added by even the most budget-constrained organizations through a cost-effective "Pay As You Go" pricing model. Management of the IT platform is easily entrusted to a technical service partner eliminating the need to add IT headcount or resources.
It simply becomes a matter of utilizing the data already on-hand and beginning to mine it for insights that can be leveraged immediately in current or near-term initiatives.
Managed Solution is the premier provider of IT support services and technology recommendations for educational organizations. Founded in 2002, we enjoy a proud tradition of partnering with the IT staff of the many organizations we work with. We can even act as your IT team. For more information on educational technology solutions contact Managed Solution at 800-308-6107 or fill out the contact form.


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