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National Best Friend's Day Made Easy with Yammer

By Kelly Cronin
Today, June 8th, is National Best Friend's Day! Best friends help keep us sane with lots of laughter, endless conversation, and even a shoulder to cry on when we need one.  Being far away from your best friend can be tough on any friendship.  But, as we've all heard, distance makes the heart grow fonder.  This year, use Yammer to easily contact your best friend on the national holiday to celebrate their awesomeness.
Yammer is easily accessible from Office 365.  Every Office 365 users with a Yammer license is able to use the service from the Office 365 app launcher.  If both you and your BFF have Office 365, just click on the portal grid and select Yammer to let the reuniting of friendship begin.
Don't work in the same company? No problem.  Recently, Yammer added external groups to allow you to communicate with people outside of your own company. Just click on External Groups on the left hand column to add users.


Use the chat feature to instantly message  your friend to say, "I miss you!", or "Happy National Best Friends Day!", or attach an old picture of the two of you to let them know they're on your mind today.  With Yammer, you can instantly turn any chat into a Skype call.  So if typing to a computer isn't enough bonding for you, enjoy instant communication with a video call on Skype.
If you want to send over some pictures, videos, or other files, Yammer can do that.  Yammer has immediate access to your OneDrive, so you can find all your documents in one place and share them with ease.  Show them your new home or office or even a new outfit you want a best friend's opinion on.  As your best friend, you could never share too much.
Too busy to Skype right now?  Pencil them in for later.  With Yammer, you can quickly schedule meetings with your Outlook calendar. Now you won't have to remind yourself to call your friends back because Outlook will give you a reminder for whenever you schedule that phone call.


Yammer is the perfect way to keep in touch with old friends, especially on National Best Friend's Day.  Don't let this holiday go unnoticed; give your bestie the attention they deserve (and maybe a little more).

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"We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is a best friend" - Robert Louis Stevenson


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