Sean Ferrel handstand

The Managed Solution team is happy to honor our coach Sean Ferrel on National Boss Day

Sean Ferrel, President and CEO of Managed Solution has fun with his employees. Our company operates like baseball team, Sean coaches employees who work as a team to support our customers/fans.
Here at Managed Solution, we thrive in an energetic, performance-driven environment where results, teamwork, and quality of customer satisfaction are recognized and rewarded. Our corporate culture is diverse, open and creative. Above all, we are focused on organically growing our solution service offerings while delivering outstanding client support. We look for team members with proven experience, a strong sense of passion and dedication to the highest levels of excellence, technology and business ethics.
We strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people. Explore some of our employee programs and achievements below. We also believe in creating a solid foundation of good will by investing in our community, both economically and socially. Whether it’s the clients we serve, our fellow teammates or those in our daily lives, Managed Solution is about people. Every day is filled with challenges that we must overcome. It’s how we overcome those challenges that defines who we are. Sometimes that means not knowing something today, but having the answer tomorrow. Other times that means knowing when to reach out for help from a teammate. Nonetheless, it always means that we never quit.

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