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Today, Microsoft is introducing the Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual SIM–two new Internet-enabled feature phones designed to connect more people to the Internet and allow them to capture and share their world in new ways.


The Nokia 222 and Nokia 222 Dual SIM open up a world where the Web is easily accessible from a mobile device that’s built to last the test of time.
With the Internet-ready Nokia 222, you can browse through your favorite sites using the Opera Mini Browser, or explore what the rest of the Web has to offer using Bing Search.
Dressing for the day or planning ahead needn’t be a gamble when it comes to the weather. MSN Weather is on hand to give you an accurate forecast of the day or for up to five days ahead.

Capture and share

Boasting a 2-megapixel camera, the Nokia 222 helps you to simply capture your world–just point and click.
Not only that, but thanks to Internet connectivity, those photographic moments can be shared with your friends and family using apps such as GroupMe by Skype, Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter.
Another way to share your photos would be to take advantage of the built-in SLAM technology. Just bring two SLAM-enabled devices together to send or receive files.

Explore and stay entertained

In terms of battery life, you’ll get up to 29 days of standby time for the Nokia 222 Single SIM and 21 days for the Nokia 222 Dual SIM, with a talk time of up to 20 hours talk time for both.
Love your music? The FM radio and built-in MP3 player will keep you entertained for days with the FM radio playback of up to 45 hours, and MP3 playback of up to 50 hours.
Gamers, rejoice! You’ll be able to download one free Gameloft game per month for a year and stay entertained with titles such as “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood” or “Midnight Pool 3.”
When it comes to storing your photos, videos, or music files, the Nokia 222 supports MicroSD cards of up to 32 GB.
Incorporated into the Nokia 222 is also a flashlight, which is ideal if the power goes out or if you find yourself in an environment surrounded by nothing but total darkness. Let the Nokia 222 light the way!
Source: Microsoft

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