Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Let's celebrate the Fifth of May with tacos, tequila, and Skype for Business!

Cinco de Mayo represents the day the Mexican Army, against all odds, defeated the French in the Battle of Puebla.  Now, people around the world take this day to appreciate Mexican and latin culture.  The best way to celebrate? Use Skype for Business tools to increase your efficiency and make more time for margaritas and mariachi bands. Check out these 5 awesome foundational tips for Skype for Business, as written on bettercloud.com, with quick tutorial videos.


  1. Schedule a Skype for Business Video or Audio Call Straight from Outlook

    Since becoming part of Office 365 in April, Skype for Business has integrated with Lync and made scheduling video and audio calls a cinch. Straight from your Outlook calendar, you are able to schedule Skype for Business calls both within your calendar and within an invite. For those of us who need a demonstration or reminder, the video below will show how to create a Skype for Business meeting using both Outlook 2013/2016 and the Outlook Web App.

  2. Share Only What You Need to Share with Others on Your Skype Meetings

    Now that you know how to schedule a Skype call, here’s how to launch the meeting and share your screen with other participants on the call. Screen sharing is a feature of corporate calls that many of us have come to expect and Skype for Business provides several different content sharing options. Shareable options include your whole desktop, a certain application, a PowerPoint presentation, or event an attachment. Check out the video below.

  3. Just Need to Chat Real Quick? Make a Skype for Business Direct Call Instead of a Video Call

    While you can make a video call, you can also just use audio (and let’s admit, we all have bad hair days and may not need to be on camera for every meeting). In Skype for Business, users can easily make phone calls from their computer and connect with colleagues. For those work from home days or weeks on the road, making a direct call in Skype for Business can be the ticket to get work done.

  4. Who’s in Your Skype for Business Address Book?

    Skype for Business contacts represent the people you know, do business with, and communicate with. If you’re just getting started with S4B or you need to expand your circles, you can add people to your contacts list, whether they’re in your organization or outside of it (with some limits, based on your administrator’s settings).

  5. An Instant Message in Skype for Business Can Do the Trick for a Quick Question

    And then there’s times when you just want to send a quick message. If you’ve got something to share that doesn’t warrant an email, send an instant message with Skype for Business. The basic steps to send an IM will be intuitive for most users: simply double-click on the name of the contact you want to send a message to, type your message, and press your Enter key to send.

Now that you've learned 5 useful tips in Skype for Business, it's time to celebrate! Bring out the sombreros, cook up some traditional Mexican dishes (or just grab some take-out from the local food truck), and take a shot at the Mexican Hat Dance. Cinco de Mayo is the perfect day to celebrate and appreciate Mexican culture, so enjoy this Fifth of May!


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