There’s no need to download a special software or hire someone to take care of your event invitations. The truth of the matter is, you are able to do it all in Word! Here are the videos you need to watch to craft the perfect event invitation.

Frame Your Invite with Something Special

craft the perfect invitation - managed solution

First, make the invite. Crafting a creative invite with some savvy designs will catch the eye of your invitees and make them want to RSVP ASAP. When you’re working on a piece of art, it’s natural to want to frame it to help with the presentation. The same should go for your Word documents. Word is a great canvas for you to craft your documents and eventual PDFs, so why not put a frame on it?

See the video here.

Get Fancy with Text on Top of Images

craft the perfect invitation 2 - managed solution

Using layers in your Word document can take you a long way when it comes to designing an event invitation or professional looking document. Here’s a quick video on how to add text on top of your images in Word.

Watch the tutorial.

Create an Envelope to Sign, Seal, and Deliver Your Invite

craft the perfect invitation 3 - managed solution

Snail mail has its time and place. Whether you use snail mail for wedding invitations, holiday cards, or a sincere thank you card, sending and a receiving a physical piece of mail can be really meaningful. To keep a little technology involved in the process, here’s how you can print on envelopes and never forget how which corner the return address goes.

See step by step here.

Source: 365ninja.com


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