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Use Azure for a consistent, cloud-based identity environment creating an unparalleled unified user experience across all devices.
In today’s business communication is immediate and 24/7. Innovation happens overnight and anything is possible. This is where the right technology enters the picture. The advances that are transforming the business world are the same tools that you can use to transform your business. With cloud services and mobile devices, you can quickly adapt to change and expand your business efficiently, without expanding your budget.


When your business is ready to grow, you can't afford for your technology to hold you back. Quickly equip new employees with the tools that they need without a lengthy deployment process.


Pay only for what you're actually using in a given month without costly delays or large capital investments when you change capacity.


Your workers might be wasting time struggling with different experiences across their devices. Standardizing on one platform will improve employee productivity while allowing for broad device choice, be it based on personal preference or job function.

Deploy scalable infrastructure quickly with no maintenance costs:

Azure provides extreme flexibility and enables companies to grow as big as they want to; without being limited by resources. From app development to websites, SQL databases, and content streaming, Azure can be customized for each business. Start focusing on growing their businesses and not what they run on, their SMBs will be given the opportunity to grow.


  • Scale On-Demand Resources To Grow With Demand
  • Produce A Web Application Within Minutes
  • Produce Apps Using A Variety Of Languages
  • Make Global Changes Quickly
  • Built In SQL Database Functionality
  • Easy Automatic Storage And Backups
  • Integrates Deeply With Power BI
  • Microsoft-Managed Dedicated Cache Tiers
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Managed Solution’s Team has the experience and expertise to architect Azure solutions tailored for your environment. Call us at 800- 313-2109 or fill out the contact form and someone with get back to you shortly!


azure-sql-managed-solutionUse Azure for a consistent, cloud-based identity environment creating
an unparalleled unified user experience across all devices.
As more customers build more powerful applications in Azure using Azure SQL Database, we've seen strong demand for additional options to scale both performance and database size. To help meet this demand, we’ve announced two new performance levels within our Premium service tier: P4 and P11. P4 makes it easier for customers to scale performance with more granularity, while P11 offers greater performance and larger database size. The P6 offering is now available to replace P3, with no impact to database cost or service. Customers who create or assign performance levels in code or scripts can visit the Create Database documentation webpage for more information.

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