500 Users or Less? Significant Changes to Enterprise Agreements Save Big with New, Pay as you Go Microsoft Licensing

You asked for it and Microsoft is answering! Starting July 1, Microsoft customers with 500 seats or less will not have an enterprise agreement model to worry about!

What does this mean for you?

No more three year commitments. Pay only for what you actually use on a per user, per month basis. Yes that means you can have 50 users running on exchange online only and 150 users running with a fully loaded version of Office 365.
Buying Microsoft Products through a trusted Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) gives you access to pricing up to 20% off what you'll find in the Microsoft portal and gives you unlimited access to support services and deployment services that only 1st Tier CSP's can provide you through their Microsoft Partnership.
Microsoft is currently running "jump start" incentives to help businesses move to the cloud and get secure, mobile and compliant as soon as possible. This includes big discounts and even FREE deployments on certain solutions for qualifying customers!

Customers with 500 seats or more?

Enterprise Agreements might not make sense for you anymore either. Microsoft's MPSA and CSP programs give you more options than ever to see which licensing purchase method makes the most sense for your ever changing business.


Tell us a little bit about your current plan and we'll figure out what you could be saving by switching to Pay as You Go Pricing and taking advantage of current Microsoft incentives.


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