Microsoft to release Quantum Computing Simulator to the public, letting you explore the future on your laptop

Microsoft recently made its LIQUi|> (Language-Integrated Quantum Operations) simulator available to the masses, letting virtually anyone with a modern laptop or desktop explore the capabilities of quantum computing.
Researchers believe that with quantum computing, super complex problems that would take our most powerful computers eons to complete, could be completed with ease.
According to a blog post on blogs.microsoft.com:
The researchers are hoping that, using LIQUi|>, computer scientists at Microsoft and other academic and research institutions will be able to perfect the algorithms they need to efficiently use a quantum computer even as the computers themselves are simultaneously being developed.
At this point in time most of the ideas as far as the capabilities of quantum physics are theoretical, but this simulator brings up one step closer to making it a reality.
If any of our readers are interested in getting their hands on the LIQUi|> software suite, you can download it here.

Source: http://microsoft-news.com/microsoft-release-quantum-computing-simulator-public-lets-explore-future-laptop/

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