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3 Reasons to Use an MSP for Remote Server Monitoring

Is your IT department overworked and outstretched?A Managed Services Provider (MSP) can provide cloud-based remote server monitoring to reduce workloads free up your IT resources.  In today's business environment, keeping a network running smoothly is never easy, especially when one IT department is trying to manage every project.  Here are three reasons to use a Managed Services Provider for remote server monitoring:

1) Cut costs

With options like Pay-As-You-Go, a cloud-based remote server monitoring can save you money while allowing you to scale your company up and down as much as you'd like. In addition, you won't need to hire expensive, highly specialized IT administrators to run your networks. A Managed Services Provider can do all this for you, making outrageous IT expenses a thing of the past.

2) Managed on-the-go

Get alerts and real-time updates about your network from your MSP. So now while you are on the road to a business meeting or conference, you can check on your network's activity without missing a beat. Stay in the loop no matter what by viewing your network at a glance from your mobile device. Just don't check your network and drive.

3) No-hassle setups

It only takes a few minutes for each workstation or server to be up and running with cloud-based server monitoring.  Even better, there is no user downtime throughout the whole process, so your business can keep on running while everything is being setup.  Worry-free installations can give you time to focus on your business while still having peace of mind that there won't be any software compatibility or vulnerability issues.

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