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Strengthen Customer Relationships And Deliver A Superior Experience With CRM

Your customers likely interact with more of your employees than just a designated sales representative. A customer may need to speak with customer service or could be connected to another sales representative if theirs is unavailable. Being transferred around from one representative to another or put on hold because one of your employees doesn’t have the right answer is frustrating. Connect your entire team with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution so each of them can provide every customer with an amazing customer experience.
In this digital era, today’s customers expect quick answers when they contact your business. If your sales and customer services teams can’t be responsive, then your customers will likely turn to your competitors. Download “Redefine Your Reality: Let Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM take your business to places you CAN imagine,” an infographic, to learn how to deliver an amazing customer experience by deploying a robust CRM solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a centralized location for marketing and sales data, as well as customer-centric data and can be easily integrated with your existing Office® 365 solution. Your sales representatives can create a customer account and manage proposals and contracts, current and historical sales orders, product specifications or delivery preferences, and other important information for each customer within this powerful CRM solution. With all of your detailed customer information within easy reach, any of your sales and customer services employees can access a customer account and answer questions quickly and accurately.
You can also create online connections with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which adds a new dimension of customer engagement and support. You can connect with popular social media sites and listen in to what customers are saying about your products or business, as well as interact with customers on these networks in real-time. In addition, you can create an online support portal that offers a searchable knowledgebase that customers can use to learn more about your products and services. These online connections can strengthen communication and customer satisfaction.
Deliver a satisfying experience that your customers won’t forget. Download the infographic and contact Managed Solution for more information about providing a superior customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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