Nonprofit moves to SharePoint Online and Office 365

I saw how we could use SharePoint Online and team sites as a security-enhanced, easily accessible collaboration platform. We deployed Office 365 and now we can coauthor documents simultaneously, track versions accurately, and store our data with robust security in the cloud.

Nonprofit moves to Office 365 and SharePoint Online to improve income generation

As written by Fiona Knower, Office Manager, British Ballet Organization as written on

The British Ballet Organization (BBO) trains students and teachers in the globally respected BBO syllabi. As a nonprofit organization, we organize courses and events locally, nationally, and internationally to enrich lives through the medium of dance. Working on these events was a challenge because we had limited collaboration tools. We had a shared file server running on an old PC in the office, and I worried about losing teacher, student, and event management information if a backup failed. When we worked on documents, versioning was always a nightmare, so we ended up sending drafts to one another by email. It wasn’t very efficient.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Then we heard about Microsoft Office 365. I saw how we could use SharePoint Online and team sites as a security-enhanced, easily accessible collaboration platform. We deployed Office 365 and now we can coauthor documents simultaneously, track versions accurately, and store our data with robust security in the cloud. Because we can access our work from any PC, laptop, or mobile phone- wherever we have an Internet connection-we are no longer restricted to meetings in the office to get things done. With Office 365, we can work more productively on more events and reinvest more money into the organization!”

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Are you a realtor on the go that is looking for a simplified way to manage your current clients as you take on new accounts? Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you a single place to streamline business operations and manage assets, properties, vendors and prospects in marketing, service, sales and support functions.

Seven ways Realtors Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. To manage client contact information & notes
  2. To track activities and set alerts for follow-up
  3. To store and access internal/external documents
  4. To execute marketing campaigns
  5. To track opportunities & goals
  6. To capture and track trends from analytics
  7. To generate reports
Since Dynamics CRM is built on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure it can be accessed from any device (e.g. laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) that has an internet connection. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365. For information on deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organization, please call us at 800-257-0691.


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Next Level Nail-Art Aims To Draw Women To Technology

As written on
The tech world is still pretty much dominated by men and only a few women are currently drawn to it. Now, a new technology aims to change that and make even more women get into tech. It also takes nail art to the next level. NPR featured the genius behind the company called Preemadonna, the creator of Nailbot.
This technology's goal is to attract girls in an industry dominated by men. The company is based in San Francisco and they are mainly about products that cater more to women and young girls.
Their current product that seems promising is the Nailbot. This allows printing any nail art directly on the nails of their customers through the help of a smartphone.
The CEO and Co-founder of the company, Pree Walia sat in for an interview with NPR and revealed a lot about their business and new technology. According to the publication, they treated this innovation as if a gateway drug for girls to enter the world of technology. The company also aims to make girls free from expressing themselves through nail art and have fun while they're at it. Walia explained, "It is a beauty tool, but for young girls it's a learning tool."
The price of this device is around $199 and it would definitely spark up the interest of both girls and boys, as they would be curious about the technology behind its entire operation. The company is pitching their product not just as a beauty tool, but it also does work as part of the arts and crafts tool.
This product would also come in handy for those who treat nail art as their business. Now, nail artists won't have to manually create designs onto their client's fingernails. A 3D printer can now do it for them.


Join us on December 10th to listen to success stories from women professionals who are leaders in technology and are passionate about changing the ratio of women in tech. Bring your daughter or family so together we can share our knowledge and resources and help young women understand and expand their potential as future leaders in technology – from the classroom to the boardroom. Learn more.


Social Share is a free plug-in in PowerPoint developed through the Microsoft Garage that allows you to share slides and decks to Facebook and Twitter without leaving PowerPoint as an image, album or as a video.

  • Post your slide as an image, album or even as video: You can choose any format you want to share your content.Your friends can see your post on Facebook, and comment on it and provide you feedback!
  • See your social updates in PowerPoint itself: When your friends comment on your post, you can see it in PowerPoint.
  • Share a link to your file: Social Share automatically uploads your document to OneDrive so you can share a link with your friends.


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Casey was born and raised in south Louisiana in a very tiny town; a place not even large enough to need a single hanging traffic light. At the age of 17, he moved to San Diego county and has been here ever since, he loves it! Casey has a son who he says he loves dearly and enjoys spending time with, he is also adventurous and loves exploring the outdoors. He’s been skydiving before and enjoys exploring new eateries, areas like Spruce St suspension bridge, and finding cool spots to see the downtown skyline. He says he would really like to explore abroad one day and could see himself living at the beach. He also loves cooking (and eating), motorcycles, water sports, and snow - he’ll be learning to snowboard this winter.
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