DevOps just got a whole lot more awesome

New, better, and more

Build and be the next big thing. Collaborate. Deliver. Scale. All at cloud speed across the entire DevOps lifecycle. See for yourself how this first-of-its-kind Azure Preview portal is bringing together all the cross-platform tools, technologies, and services you need to speed up the delivery process and keep applications in good shape—using what you already know and whatever toolset you like most.

azure managed solution

The all-in-one, work-anywhere experience

You're looking at the future. And this is only the beginning. Now you can manage websites, databases, and Visual Studio Online team projects. In a reimagined UX you personalize around your work. What's next? Access to all your Azure resources. More cloud services. And a steady stream of continuous innovation to help you deliver better results and move forward, faster.

No more billing blind spots

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See forecasted costs at a glance
Now it's easy to keep tabs on current and projected costs. The Azure Preview portal automatically calculates your existing charges and estimates usage through the end of the month, forecasting what the total charges are likely to be (for MSDN and free trial subscriptions). Even if you're managing hundreds of resources across a few apps. Plus, it's simple to drill into your cross-cloud analytics and real-time active use data. No surprises.

Mind = Blown

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Easier, simpler, and (most importantly) faster
This unified hub radically simplifies building, deploying, and managing your cloud resources. Imagine a single easy-to-use console built just for you—your team, your projects. Now craft your very own best-in-class toolset by adding fully integrated capabilities from Microsoft, partners, and the open source community. Then make it yours! Organize your portal to custom-fit your work, and your workstyle. Stay on top of the things that matter most by pinning them to your Startboard. Resize parts to show more or less data. Drill in for all the details. And see insights (and opportunities) across apps and resources.

Kick-start innovation

azure5 managed solution

Take advantage of the same battle-tested technologies Microsoft products rely on

It's a new world. Microsoft gives you all the power and possibilities of our integrated portfolio of cloud services across platforms, apps, and devices and the world's largest developer base. Every day, we run Xbox Live, Skype,, Office 365, OneDrive, and Bing. So we understand how to make it all work together, better than any other cloud partner. And all those possibilities—that power to blow through barriers and sidestep limitations—it's all coming to you in Azure.

Roles-Based Access Control

azure6 managed solution

Role-based Access Control gives you precise control over who can manage what on all Azure services. Accessible in the Azure Preview, RBAC makes it possible to grant explicit management and access rights to users and groups on both the subscription and service level.


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