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Skype in the classroom inspires learning

Thousands of teachers are inspiring the next generation of global citizens through transformative learning experiences.
Imagine taking your class on an "around the world" field trip or having your favorite author lead today's class. You can do both of these and more without leaving your classroom thanks to Skype. It's a great use of technology in the classroom!
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Announcing the Superheroes in the Classroom blog series on Office Mix

Turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive lessons with Office Mix

Every year, Microsoft welcomes some of the world’s most innovative educators and students from around the world at its annual E2 Summit to share best practices on how to use technology to enhance student learning. At this year’s summit, the Office Mix team got to meet Kelli Etheredge, director of Teaching and Learning Resources at St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, Alabama. Kelli shared the story of how St. Paul’s students used Office Mix to teach each other about human body systems in their 4th–grade science class.
The next thing she knew, the Office Mix team was interviewing the students and their teachers over Skype for Business to hear firsthand how they learned about Office Mix, how they created mixes for the first time, and more importantly, how it impacted—and improved—the students’ desire to learn and listen. Episode 1: 4th graders become teachers at St. Paul’s tells their story in a lightweight and visually appealing way thanks to Microsoft Sway.

Learn about Skype for Education and explore ways to use Skype to transform your students everyday learning experiences.

Video: #Windows10 For #Educators

Simplified Deployment with Windows 10 is almost here and educators will be pleased as a dog with a spoonful of peanut butter with new tools to optimize all things scholarly.

Windows 10 enables a new world of learning:

Building the education platform for the 21st Century - One Experience Across All Device Types

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