When it comes to running a company, especially in today’s digital world (but not only!), professional IT security companies, and security software and specialists are a must if you want to have any chance at building a safe and successful business.

However, remaining are a few business owners that practice the idea of handling problems as they come along, instead of having a robust prevention plan to avoid severe security threats. By merely checking an online cybersecurity threat map, you can easily understand why security tools for your company are so essential.

Each day, thousands and thousands of online attacks are taking place, and it’s only a matter of time until cyber threats will reach any random unsecured business. If your motto is better safe than sorry, then here are some tools for security you should have in mind for your company:

Microsoft EMS

Microsoft EMS describes their service as a security tool that stands for ‘digital transformation with freedom and peace of mind.’ The service helps guard your company data from attacks at multiple levels, through complex processes meant to safeguard your IT activities. Through innovation and identity-driven security techniques, EMS is one of the top choices for safety against unknown cyber threats.

Microsoft Defender (Formerly Advanced Threat Protection)

When it comes to superior threat protection, few industries are more affected than healthcare, biotech, and financial services. It is merely due to the large quantity of valuable data found in companies activating in these fields, which make them increasingly more attractive to online attacks.

Microsoft Defender is a cloud-based service focused on filtering e-mails to protect your business from unknown and unwanted online threats, such as malware and viruses. It is an IT guard against any ‘contaminated’ links that may affect your company.

Active Directory

If your business handles a lot of internal and external data, you’re probably already considering having your company server online, thus limiting the threat of cyber-attacks.

In these situations, Active Directory is a must, and it is in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of complex and diverse services and processes destined to add another level of protection to your company and your clients’ data.

Single Sign-On/Multi-Factor Authentication

It goes without saying that when you’re handling sensitive (and confidential) data, you need to have a multi-factor authentication service and even a single sign-on option to protect your entire online activity best.

These types of services offer an extra shield against hackers, and they are instrumental, primarily when you’re working with bank accounts, or with your clients’ data.

Anti-Virus/Malware Protection

You have to search long and hard today to find a company that doesn’t have anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Windows Defender comes integrated with your Microsoft pack operating system, and most computers operating today have it installed and enabled.

All of these tools for security are highly necessary for any company who wants to protect its data and its clients’ data and information. However, having these tools without specialists to make the most of them could prove to be inefficient.

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