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New OneNote Web Clipper Can Show You the Way

When exploring a new city, perhaps the most frustrating thing in the world is having now idea where you need to go to get from A to B (especially when you're trying to find a castle in Budapest on a Sunday). This is especially painful when you don't have an international data plan for your smartphone.  Luckily, the new OneNote Web Clipper extension creates a simple, efficient way to keep all your directions in one place.


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To get started, download the OneNote Web Clipper extension for your browser (available on most modem browsers including Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome). Once downloaded, simply clip any page you're on with a simple click from your browser window.  You can clip regions:

onenote web clipper 2 - managed solution

Or full pages:

onenote web clipper 3 - managed solution

Or even an entire PDF:

onenote web clipper 4 - managed solution

Your clippings will automatically show up as a new page in your OneNote Section of your choice:
onenote web clipper 5 - managed solution
So before you take on the streets of Budapest, look up transit directions and clip them to your OneNote (I would recommend multiple far away and up close screenshots of the map as well).  Sync your phone and you are good to go! The directions will be available on your OneNote page even without internet. Less hassle = happy traveling.

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