San Diego, CA, August 16, 2018, – Microsoft has authorized Managed Solution to resell Microsoft Office 365 Government Community Cloud to US government organizations. Furthermore, Managed Solution has been priorly authorized to resale Government Azure Cloud, which enables it to fully serve US Federal, state, and local government agencies in their governmental capacities by providing full service cloud offerings. 


Office 365 Government Community Cloud is designed for the unique needs of US government organizations. This solution provides all the features and capabilities of Office 365 services in a segmented cloud environment that helps organizations meet US compliance and security standards.

Azure Government delivers a dedicated US based cloud enabling government agencies and their partners to transform mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Azure Government services handle data that is subject to certain government regulations and requirements. In order to ensure the highest level of security and compliance, Azure Government uses physically isolated data centers and networks, located in the US only.

Jennell Mott, VP of Cloud & Vendor Operations, Managed Solution: “ Being authorized as a re-seller for Microsoft Office 365 Government Community Cloud and Azure Government means that we are able to provide full service cloud solutions and offerings for our Government customers with the backing of Microsoft’s full compliance regulations.”


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