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9-5-outdated managed solution

Over half of employees believe nine to five is 'outdated"

As written on hrgrapevine.com.
63% of workers believe that nine to five is an outdated concept.
The research from CVBuilder found that many employees are working outside of office hours. 50% will check or respond to work emails outside of work, and 24% check work emails when they are with family and friends.
38% said they continue to work outside of office, with 62% seeing this continued connectivity and checking as a choice instead of an obligation.
50% of those aged of those aged 45 to 54, compared to 31% of those aged 18 to 24, were willing to work outside of office hours.
Rosemary Haefner, Chief HR Officer at CareerBuilder, said: “Workers want more flexibility in their schedules, and with improvements in technology that enable employees to check in at any time, from anywhere, it makes sense to allow employees to work outside the traditional nine-to-five schedule.
“Moving away from a nine-to-five work week may not be possible for some companies [yet], but if done right, allowing employees more freedom and flexibility with their schedules can improve morale, boost productivity and increase retention rates.”
Male workers are more likely than female workers to work outside of office hours (44% compared to 32%); check or respond to work emails outside of work (59% compared to 42%); and check in on work while they are with friends and family (30% compared to 18%).
However, female workers are more likely to go to bed dreaming of work than their male counterparts (23% compared to 16%).
This survey was conducted online within the US by Harris Poll, on behalf of CareerBuilder. 1,078 employees were asked.
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inforgraphic CRM managed solution

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