Tips to Ensure Mobile Security


Consider for a moment how much information, both personal and professional you store on your phone. Some information is highly sensitive and some is not (however it would be emotionally unsettling if lost). As our smartphones continue to do and store more for us, security should make its way to the top of the priority list. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Below are some quick, easy and low-cost mobile security measures you can implement immediately.
Simply put, don’t forget to protect your hardware with cases and screen protectors. This will guard against total loss due to damage. Also, back up/synch data regularly to avoid losing all of your information. What about loss or theft? Common sense tells us to never leave our devices unattended, but we are all guilty of taking our eyes off of it from time to time. Instead consider installing a wireless proximity alarm. This will inform you when your phone gets more than a pre-set distance from a proximity device (i.e. key ring); better yet if you lose your keys, you can utilize the smartphone to find them. Other capabilities include locking the phone screen remotely, triggering an alarm or locating the phone via GPS. Proximity alarms currently on the market include:
  • Kensington’s Proximo Tag and Fob (approx. $65 – compatible with Samsung Galaxy and iOS devices)
  • iFi Systems’ Smart Tag (approx. $30 for iPhone and $35 for Android)
  • HipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm (approx. $60 for iOS)
Another way to foil unauthorized users from accessing your device is to incorporate a screen lock. These typically come as standard free features on smartphones, however they must be enabled. Furthermore, the way in which we authenticate continues to evolve – we have seen everything from pin codes, non-simple passcodes, pattern unlock, facial recognition and fingerprint technology. Taking it one step further, you can set your phone to completely wipe data after too many failed attempts. Be careful with this option however, because once data is wiped it will be impossible to enact the security measures mentioned above. There are third-party applications as well that offer some unique security capabilities:
  • Prey Project – allows you to take pictures with your smartphone remotely, track the device, display a message on the screen and push an alert sound.
  • FinderCodes Electronics – offers a lost and found kit that utilizes QR code to link the person that recovered the device with the rightful owner.
  • Cerberus Anti-Theft – enables you to remotely record any audio coming from the phone or wipe the phone of its contents.
  • AndroidLost – allows for remote text-to-speech communication with current user of phone.
Again, don’t wait for something to happen to your smartphone or device before taking more precaution in the future. Consider the outcome of losing sensitive personal or business information and know that you have the power to protect it.


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