Top 3 Cloud Computing Trends for 2014


2014 Cloud Computing

2014 Cloud Computing

Get Your Head IN the Clouds

A 2014 Cloud Computing Forecast

As cloud computing continues to take enterprise technology by storm, businesses will feel increasing pressure to adapt…or else. 2014 assumes you already utilize the cloud in some form or another, whether it’s to perform work functions, store data or deploy applications. Cloud computing will continue to drive the bulk of IT spending and decision making this year – here’s why:

Adoption & Maturation

2014 brings with it a better understanding of which cloud technology works best for different types of businesses. Consumers now have a better idea of cloud performance in the public, private and hybrid cloud realms. They can make educated IT decisions based on workloads and security concerns. Furthermore, cloud computing is opening the doors of opportunity for small businesses. Because the new environment is software/application based, even the smallest company can access solutions only ever accessed by larger enterprises.

What’s driving cloud adoption and rapid maturation? Simple – data. If used correctly, data can help organizations make key decisions, increase profits and improve the overall customer experience. With this is mind, cloud providers will continue to support these drivers of success. Finally, what’s tying this all together? Machine-to-Machine (M2M) – the art of connecting a vast number of devices that collect and distribute data through a variety of wireless networks and channels. Cloud computing will play a major role in M2M communication, which leads us to the next point…

On-Demand Approach

Employees and consumers alike are using different devices to access and deliver information. This idea isn’t new, per say, the only difference is that they want it now. 2014 will not only focus on unifying communication across device platforms but delivering it on-demand. Because the cloud allows for rich media to be stored and accessed almost instantly, a company’s success will be measured by how well and how quickly they harness these capabilities. Additionally, the app-centric environment of the cloud allows applications to be built rapidly. Therefore, 2014 will continue to focus on speed so that organizations and consumers can get the tools they need when they want it and where they want it.

Role Reversal

Ultimately it is up to the CIO to drive change and encourage a cloud approach within his/her organization. While this seems straightforward, what 2014 will bring is a role reversal within the rest of the company’s departments. HR and Marketing will begin to have more purchasing power when it comes to technology because they rely on a variety of applications to enhance innovation and user experience. Also, the IT and finance departments will start to look like one as technology becomes more of a tool to drive financial planning and decision making.

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