Where CIOs Should Look for Data Experts


Are you trying to build customer engagement through the utilization of external providers? Are you developing a data analytics strategy, both for the short and long term? Chances are, your competition is. Outsourcing IT is no longer limited to infrastructure and maintenance; rather companies are looking externally to build or supplement their analytics capabilities.
More than ever, organizations are tapping into big data and predictive analytics to better understand, find and retain customers. While companies are investing a tremendous amount of resources building their internal analytics strategy, they have discovered that working in conjunction with others yields powerful results.
At a recent meeting of the Society for Information Management's Advanced Practices Council, Barbara Wixcom, MIT’s business intelligence expert provided a case study on the benefits of outsourcing data and analytics. She cited rental-car company Hertz as an example. Hertz utilizes a hybrid model where they supplement in-house data aggregation with external efforts such as provisioning of non-Hertz data, modeling, cleaning, hosting, and managing data. Most importantly, they help Hertz gain up-to-date insights from all of the information collected.
Outsourcing analytics, much like IT, can cut costs and give your organization access to advanced technology and data experts. These heightened capabilities can help bring insights to light in real-time and speed up the delivery of new products and services. Whether you need data expertise in the interim or for the long haul, looking outside of the organization is the way to go.


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