Non-Profit IT Solutions

IT for Non-Profits: Accelerate Your Mission and Increase Your Impact

As a leader of a Non-Profit organization, you often lack resources you need to achieve your goals. Your team is on the go and often has a hard time collaborating in real-time, documenting the data, writing grant proposals, appeal, and so much more.

You are already a master of how to do more with less, but you could certainly use an advantage when it comes to boosting productivity.


Focus on your cause and create a greater impact.

Our team has been working with small and large Southern California Non-Profits since 2002 and can help you find a way to leverage all that technology has to offer at a reasonable cost. By working with a Cloud Solution Provider such as Managed Solution, we work with you to make sure you have access to and take advantage of all available discounts and donations for Non-Profits in order to help you support your mission.

With the right Non-Profit IT solutions, you can:

  • Extend your reach. Do more with less, drive social change and enable global collaboration.
  • Leverage the Cloud for mobility and collaboration and increase efficiencies – and at a discounted rate.
  • Use data to your advantage and turn it into valuable information for more insights, more informed decisions, and more timely evidence.
  • Benefit from discounts and donations specifically for Non-Profits.

Don’t let technology nor the cost scare you off.

Technology will help you to extend your reach to more people and increase efficiencies so that you can have a greater impact. We’d love to work with your Non-Profit to help you leverage and enhance technology at a discount. On top of that, we have a special place in our hearts for Non-Profits and have a strong charitable program to help support local Non-Profit missions with donations and our team’s volunteer hours.

Non-Profit Referral Program

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