Why Are Realtors Using Surface Devices?


With the competitiveness of the real estate industry, agents need to utilize current technology to give them a strategic edge. Real estate agents are constantly on the go showing properties and meeting with clients, so they need a reliable device that offers unified communications and messaging to keep everyone up to date. Why Are Realtors Using Surface Devices? Surface Pro 3 is a lightweight, versatile device that helps facilitate productive face-to-face conversations to address customer needs and cement new relationships. This device helps realtors deepen customer loyalty by providing features and tools that serve their customers in a timely and personal way.
The Surface Pro has been said to be one of the most productive devices for realtors. It brings together the best of the tablet and laptop while providing portable, fast, full HD display. Some realtors who have already adopted to Surface Pro said they loved Surface, as they realized they no longer needed their heavy laptops and their lighter but limited iPads.

10 Reasons Realtors Are Using Surface Devices

  1. Portability helps agents be productive anywhere by easily converting from a laptop to tablet when it’s time to head to a meeting or listing.
  2. Long and powerful battery life is reassuring for agents because they could work remotely longer without having to plug-in.
  3. Agents are able to pull up data instantly and effortlessly with Instant-on functionality. This makes it easier when researching property records and listings.
  4. Agents can open multiple documents side by side to show clients different listings or compare market analysis.
  5. Agents stay organized by using the pen to mark-up property listings and photos with drawings and notes. One click of your Pen opens OneNote3 so you can capture and sync your notes and doodles effortlessly.
  6. The Surface Pen is highly responsive and lets you write, draw, and sketch on a pressure-sensitive display. Agents utilize this feature when discussing goals with clients and could provide an interactive experience.
  7. Agents can be creative by utilizing the design apps to produce appealing property photos and listings.
  8. Agents can show information to clients anywhere for better customer acquisition and retention.
  9. Agents can Print or add storage with USB port and even collect signatures directly from the screen.
  10. Agents can keep clients satisfied by using cutting edge technology and a personalized experience so they’ll keep using you again and again.
To learn more about Microsoft Surface please visit: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/why-surface/overview
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