Virtual CIO Consulting Services

With our technical guidance, you can turn your IT into a revenue-generating asset.

Our vCIO is here to help you drive strategic and technical business conversations and turn them into results. With vast technical experience across a range of IT platforms and tools, our vCIO is well equipped to have technical business discussions including:

IT recommendations formulated around business goals as it relates to sales, marketing, cash flow, and competitive landscape
Analyzing your current IT spend to see where you can be more cost-effective or eliminate spend
Asking you thought-provoking questions to discover opportunities & areas for improvements

The convergence of in-depth technical knowledge, business processes, expert engineering, and financial services into a solid business model enables agencies to proactively address systematic budgeting and long-term management of their IT infrastructures.

Strategic Discussions Around Technology and Business

Our IT Consulting Services bring separately managed IT processes and components into a single holistic program to deliver end-to-end services that emphasize benefits to users and customers.

The benefits of working with our CIO team includes mentoring services, vendor management and insight to reduce compliance burdens. Bringing on a part-time expert helps drive transformation and provide strategic direction at a cost-effective rate. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Better Business & IT Alignment
  • Enhanced Agility
  • OpEx vs CapEx Cost Comparisons
  • Reduced IT Costs & Better Profitability
  • Reduced Regulatory & Security Risks
  • Improved Satisfaction with IT


Our consulting sessions consist of an open dialogue to learn more about your current challenges and goals and assess which systems and processes are helping or hindering those goals. We also look at overlap in technology product and spend so that we ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI.


Formulate an IT plan that aligns with your business goals. Once we have an understanding of the business and technology, we can design a roadmap and budget that addresses all your objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner.


After we have an approved budget, timeline and plan in place, our team of engineers is available to help support in executing upon the items outlined in the roadmap and delivering regular reports on the network health, systems, usage and any other key IT performance metrics.


Provide mentoring services, vendor management, and more. Our work doesn’t stop when the roadmap is complete. With our vast experience, we’re always looking for new and improved methods to optimize your IT performance and spend.

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