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Case Studies

Managed IT Services Case Studies

Our IT help desk support is designed to empower your organization to become more efficient and secure —
and ultimately providing you with technology that just works.

Pathway Genomics Outsources IT To Leverage Greater Talent At Lower Cost

How we helped:
  1. Migrate to Office 365
  2. Increase & secure remote collaboration
  3. Cut costs by outsourcing their IT

Sierra College Enables Secure & Accessible Email With Help Desk Support

How we helped:
  1. Access email from anywhere, whether a student or teacher
  2. Meet FERPA compliancy requirements
  3. Reduce internal IT help desk tickets

Financial Organization Stays Compliant With Managed Solution & Microsoft

How we helped:
  1. Migrate from Google to Microsoft 365
  2. Reduce daily internal IT headaches
  3. Enable backup & disaster recovery

Professional IT Services Case Studies

Our certified Solutions Architects and Systems Engineers are here to turn your innovative visions into a reality.

WD-40 Cuts Significant Costs & Increases Productivity by Migrating to Azure

  1. Save $3.5M over 5 years
  2. Reduce time from weeks to minutes
  3. Create a more agile and secure business than ever before

Managed Solution Migrates 30,000 Users and Saves Western Digital $5M

  1. Save $5M over a few years
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Create a more secure infrastructure

Nationwide Senior Living Facility Saves $250,000 With Hybrid Cloud

  1. Address HIPPA & PCI compliance issues
  2. Reduce IT overhead
  3. Save $250,000

We Specialize In Healthcare, Biotech
and Financial Services

Not in healthcare, biotech or finance? Not to worry. We work with other industries, too!


Digital transformation at its best. Bring together people, data, and processes to better engage patients and customers. Empower your care teams and employees, enable easy cooperation, and optimize clinical and operational effectiveness, all while staying compliant and securing your data.


Provide reliable information and establish trust. Empower your employees, enable a secure and productive digital workplace, optimize operations and risk management, improve customer experience. Combine agility with security and trust. Even in a highly regulated environment.


Intellectual property and data is the core of biotech industry. Catch the pace of innovation with digital transformation of your workplace. Collaborate globally and exchange information in real time, incorporate agile practices, and scale quickly. Focus on how to make this world a better place, without worrying about privacy concerns and data security.


You are changing the world, digital transformation can extend your reach. Technology can be a powerful force driving social change and enabling global collaboration. Leverage data for more insights, more informed decisions and more timely evidence. Accelerate your mission, drive a greater impact. Take advantage of discounts and donations for non-profits.

Outsourced IT Services By Business Need

Merger & Acquisitions

Bringing two organizations together presents a host of challenges. However, one of the most critical components to the success is technology integration. A single error can significantly increase costs and create delays. Selecting a partner with extensive experience in M&A work can be a huge advantage, Managed Solution can lead your integration effort with industry best practices.


Cloud or no cloud, is no longer a question. With extensive experience, a great number of migrations done and recognition as one of Microsoft’s Top 1% cloud services companies worldwide, we will make your migrations a success.


Protect your data while meeting compliance requirements. We help organizations comply with industry-specific, regional, national and international requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data

Growth Support

Growth is every businesses’ ultimate goal, but it also presents multiple challenges. We can support your growth in the way that your IT infrastructure will enable it, and you will be able to focus on what matters the most to you.

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