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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Enterprise data and critical assets can be wiped out without warning at any time. Our backup solution consists of three components; hardware, software, and the cloud, and we ensure we meet all regulatory standards with our on-premise and offsite data backups.
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Multi-Device Management

Empower your mobile workforce with the tools they need to stay productive everywhere they work: in the field, on the road, and from home. Unify your IT with single sign-on to access all apps and data, alongside self-service capabilities and integrated mobile device management (MDM).

Governance & Rights Management

We help you to enable the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons. Together, we address the need to ensure appropriate access to resources across your network and to meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements.
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Compliance Management

We help organizations comply with industry-specific, national and regional requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data. Protect your data while meeting compliance requirements whether it be GDPR, HIPPA, PCI and more.
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Network Security

Meet your security and compliance requirements with this Security Information & Events Management tool. Logic Monitor allows you to collect and analyze information from network devices, manage endpoint logs, and create alerts to assure your client is covered.

Threat Detection SIEM

Meet your security and compliance requirements! Regulations and audits can be complicated, but they don’t have to be with Managed Secure Threat Detection. This makes it easy to meet any security compliance requirements. With complete SIEM services and SOC support with real-time alerting, network log and activity monitoring, you can easily demonstrate compliance with three regulatory standards including HIPAA, PCI and DSS.

Phishing Attack Simulator

Especially during times of crisis, we see malicious attacks increase, and organizations, now with more remote workers, are more vulnerable than ever. The best defense to stop phishing is well-trained employees. We can help you run simulated phishing attacks to test and train your employees on what they need to look out for.

Endpoint Security Management

It’s now more important than ever to remain vigilant against outside threats. Gain the ability to detect, remove remediate and roll back features to endpoints to help prevent and recover from outside threats. If your users are remote and using personal devices, it’s critical to have a solution like this in place.

A person actively protecting data.

IT Security Solutions to Protect Yourself at Every Level

Protect Yourself Internally and Externally

Protecting data or user information that travels in and out of your organization is paramount to keeping your company safe and making sure that your intellectual property is protected and not compromised.

With all the collaboration efforts and real-time communication mediums being used like email, Instant Messaging, and shared sites, it’s important to know how and when, where and how your data is being used.

Whether you already have security measures in place or need someone to help get you started, we cover it all to make sure you’re compliant, safe, and secure from both internal and external threats.

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