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Microsoft licensing is confusing. We’re here so it doesn’t have to be.

As a top Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we’re here to help you take advantage of the lowest rates packaged with high-class support.

With Pay-As-You-Go (CSP) Licensing, companies like yours utilize an operating expense and can easily scale up at a moment’s notice. Whether your business is adding new employees, or you have seasonal employees that only need access for a certain timeframe, we make it easy to add and remove your licenses. This also allows you to keep your bottom line trim since you’re only paying for what is actually being used. Plus, you get the most updated and recent versions along with premier support.


Our CSP Licensing options are offered monthly and annually:

Monthly NCE CSP – Pay on a month-to-month basis as needed with a higher premium. With Monthly NCE you will not be locked into an annual subscription and will be able to vary your licensing options at the end of every month and vary your seat count daily with pro-rated charge. Note: Select Microsoft 365 subscriptions only -- some licensing only available for annual subscriptions.

Annual (pay monthly) NCE CSP Term – Get an annual subscription at a lower price per seat, invoiced monthly for 12 months. Selected licenses will be set per annual subscription, with the ability to increase seat count at any time for added flexibility. Includes all Microsoft 365, Azure and perpetual licensing. Note: seat count decrease only available for Daily CSP subscriptions.


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Benefits of Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers

Pricing Flexibility

With the CSP, you pay only for what you need and only for as long as you need it. There are no hefty upfront payments and no lump sum payment that you must commit to yearly like with the EA’s true-up. This also means you will not see any surprise costs throughout the year.

No Minimum Number of Users

Unlike with the EA, which has a minimum number of users or devices of 500, the CSP is much more flexible with the number of devices and users you can have under this agreement, making it ideal for smaller companies

Expert Support

Unlike with the EA, where you are expected to manage your own licensing, there is additional support available to CSP customers through your CSP provider, which will offer you around-the-clock support.

Licensing Flexibility

With the EA, we have often seen that companies will bulk up their purchases beyond what you actually need in order to secure a better deal overall but with the CSP, there remains the Cloud Subscription principle of paying only for what you use and what you need.

Why Choose Managed Solution as Your CSP Licensing Provider

We understand the challenges with CapEx in an ever-scaling technology world. We guarantee the best pricing, whether going direct or to anothe reseller due to our Microsoft Gold Partner Status. We’re here to get the best for you. That includes:

  • Premier Support: The quickest & highest level of Microsoft support
  • Consultation on Cloud Solutions: Access to our cloud licensing experts and Microsoft Office team for advice and quick consults
  • 24/7 Prompt Response: Assistance from our team with adding/remove licensing and creating support tickets on your behalf
  • Best Price: The assurance that you will always be receiving the very best pricing

Essentially, we become an extension of your team and collaborate with you to achieve the most cost-effective and efficient solution to support and grow your business.

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