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Technology Integration is a crucial component of the merger and acquisition process. However, when a business acquires another company, M&A technology integration can be incredibly complex — especially when taking into account all the systems, databases and applications which must be inventoried, assessed and migrated. Without proper planning and implementation there’s a high risk large-scale failure, and this challenge is often compounded when competing architectures are involved.

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M&A Technology Integration Solutions

Managed Solution takes a collaborative approach to M&A, working with companies to identify their end goals and define clear deliverables. This includes strategic outlines for every key player, from the IT professionals to managers to stakeholders.

We leverage our large-scale migration expertise to improve and streamline the merger process while minimizing downtime by offering the following services:

Messaging Platform Consolidation

We assess and merge Microsoft 365 along with any other existing mail systems, while maintaining the current mail identities. Our goal is to simplify your messaging services and provide a seamless transition with Microsoft 365.

Identity Management

By implementing Identity Management across your systems and network, we’re able to ensure that your data is being governed, monitored and managed in a secure way. With a lot of moving parts, we make sure that the right people have access to the right resources. Additionally, identity management also bolsters compliance for CCP, GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOX, PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171.

Document Management Services

No matter what the state of your current document management system is in, we can help analyze the current status and assess what method and integration approach may be needed so you can accelerate cross-team collaboration.

Security Optimization and Integration

Maintaining security is critical during data migration and we work to ensure consistent security measures are in place throughout the entire process.

Project Management

Often, the coordination aspect of merger activities can provide one of the largest barriers. We leverage years or prior experience to look for any bottlenecks that may slow the process of migration down.

Integrate Windows Servers

We offer a number of approaches to help unite your network and server assets under one, productive, integrated system in order to lower costs and reduce identity management issues.


The creation of a single Active Directory for over 150K members, and a trusted infrastructure where identities can be managed, from the data center all the way to the mobile device. EMS, Azure, Authentication. Managed Solution also successfully transitioned the first enterprise customer to operate as a CSP instead of utilizing an Enterprise Agreement. Because the customer hit road blocks due to the complexities of the three entities, existing enterprise agreements would have cost them additional money, but the CSP solution provided cost savings of 2.5 million dollars in the first year and overall, they saved a total of 300 million dollars since we started working with them.

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Phase 1 | Assessment

We undergo a thorough assessment of the current environment to ensure all the necessary data can be successfully migrated and that an appropriate service destination has been established. We also cross-check the desired cloud services to assess which features and services are transferable. During this phase we work with you to:

  • Define user end goals and establish the key stakeholders
  • Map out your current infrastructure
  • Pinpoint gaps
  • Identify obstacles, bottlenecks and liabilities

When working through M&A solutions, we often evaluate which company’s infrastructure would best support the organizational merger in order to best utilize the existing resources and remain as agile as possible throughout the process.


Phase 2 | Migration

During this phase we leverage the latest tools to help achieve the most efficient migration of data. During the official moving day we move the bulk of the company data while our team works to finalize and reconfigure the remaining parts of the solution, which often includes devices. During this phase, we strategically consolidate services in order to quickly manage information across all the organizations for domain, patches, updates, and more. By implementing a consolidated infrastructure we are able to effectively unify fragmented organizations within a very tight window of time.

Some examples of consolidation done in this phase includes merging Active Directory federation services, calendaring, EMS, Office 365 – two-factor, authentication, Azure Active Directory, mobile device management, and creating single sign-on (SSO).

Phase 3 | End User Support

After the migration, we provide documentation and training for end users to ease in the adoption of the new services and environment. We can also help boost performance by guiding you through a customizable set of services to optimize your cloud experience.

Common M&A Tech Challenges

These are just a few of the common roadblocks our clients face prior or during the merger and acquisition process. Rest assured, we’re here to proactively solve these and get your technology to where it needs to be during your transition.


Commonly, the acquired company has a much different ecosystem than the company which is acquiring it, including everything from financial systems and applications to hardware and software choices. This makes technology integration challenging and clunky, slowing down operational processes considerably.


Often, different ecosystems also make it challenging to get an accurate and holistic understanding of the necessary data needed from both entities. There may be duplicate, extraneous or outdated information which is no longer needed, and a lack of visibility can create siloes and inefficiencies. A consolidated, single point of view into specific data sets can help drastically improve communication and processes.

Security & Compliance

It’s incredibly rare that both the acquired and the acquiring company are aligned in the realms of security and compliance. In most cases policies, protocols and documentation vary drastically. Depending on industry regulations a lack of alignment can put the company at risk for non-compliance. The same can be said for security: gaps in information security policies and implementation can jeopardize organizational safety, reputation and operational effectiveness.

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