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Why Partner with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider & Gold Partner like Managed Solution

As a partner focused organization in the service industry, Managed Solution has the highest commitment to customer service and understands when you refer us an opportunity that we are also representing your business. Partnering with Managed Solution as your preferred Technology Partner enables you the ability to incorporate Microsoft Office 365, Azure Cloud Services, Professional Services and IT support into your current offerings. With new strategic programs, we allow you to maximize your selling power with the most competitive margins and rates in the industry, while still offering leading IT technology solutions and support. We’ve also added backend rebates, new cloud certification courses, monthly marketing kits, and a mindshare program that is customized for our top producing partners. We believe in a customer centric commitment – our team, your team, our partners teams – is at the core of our company.

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Read below to learn more about the programs available, what you can offer your clients, and the benefits and compensation for you.

Strategic Cloud Reseller

What you can offer your clients:

Managed Solution is a top Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Strategic cloud reseller partners receive the lowest industry rates for their customers, packaged with high-class premiere support. Through this program, strategic cloud resellers can work with Managed Solution to offer their customers:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Licensing
  • Azure Cloud Hosting


Managed Solution is one of the only partners commissioning on cloud hosting. We split margins with strategic cloud reseller partners who hit annual revenue goals and let partners drive discounts for their customers through the quoting process. Other benefits include Microsoft marketing resources, certification courses, sales training, portal access and more.

Professional Services IT Consultant

What you can offer your clients:

With world-class architecture, design and implementation expertise, Managed Solution partners with you to offer your customers consulting and professional services related to user productivity, information security and business automation. Some of the projects our partners are selling with Managed Solution include:

  • Identity Management and Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cloud Infrastructure Assessment
  • Systems Management and Automation Assessment
  • Infrastructure Optimization Assessment
  • Helpdesk/Blended IT Assessment


5%-15% payouts (Silver, Gold, Platinum Tiers). Managed Solution invests in our partners and treats them as an extension of our sales team. White label options available for partners who hit annual revenue goals.

Other benefits include Microsoft marketing resources, certification courses, sales training, portal access and more.

Other Referrals

What you can offer your clients:

Anyone who brings Managed Solution a qualifying customer can receive cash or can donate it to your preferred charity on your behalf!


Starting at $150 with no maximum payouts, no contracts or annual commitments. There is no limit to how much cash you can earn.

Client Referrals

What you can offer your clients:

When you compliment us by sending a new customer our way, we want to show our gratitude with a *free month of services! Clients who send us a referral are also eligible for cash.


Referring clients are eligible for an one-time invoice reduction in the amount of referred clients 1st month of services (excluding any onboarding fees) not to exceed $1,500.00.

Non-Profit Referrals

What you can offer your clients:

Managed Solution and their team is passionate about giving back to the community. Our Non-Profit Referral Program provides the opportunity for partners and clients to donate their referral dollars to charity. We also have opportunities for Non-Profit organizations to join the program and be featured as a preferred provider.


Members who donate their cash back to a Non-Profit will get proper documentation for a tax deduction. Non-Profits who join the program will benefit from additional promotions, new referrals and brand awareness.

Vendors & Suppliers

What you can offer your clients:

If you have a product or service that would benefit our customers, we want to hear from you. We want to ensure we are referring our customers the best technology solutions for their business.


Our leadership and engineering team looks to add new services, tools and products that add value for our customers and partners.

Why I Partner with Managed Solution

Joshua Shea

Microsoft Sr. Partner Development Manager

“There are several reasons Managed Solution is ranked at the top of their class of MSP’s, for me it boils down to their ability to deliver on long term strategic value with their trusted clients. Having worked with or alongside them for over a decade – it’s been amazing to see the impact they’ve made with the businesses they serve & the surrounding communities! Although the value Microsoft brings through our cloud technologies is clear – Managed Solution takes things to the next level by injecting their curated processes & intellectual property into the mix, along with their passion for technology & nurturing mindset!”

Justin Slagle

Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

“Through my career working at Microsoft and as a Microsoft Partner, Managed Solution has always been of my favorite partners to work with. They have an exceptional delivery team that is always ahead of the curve on product knowledge, an executive team that is fully bought in to making Managed Solution one of the very best companies in the industry, and a support staff that is nothing less than world class. I could not think of a better team to work with than the team at Managed Solution!”

Patrick Lawless

President, Conectrix, Inc.

“When referring a technology partner to one of my customers, I want to ensure they are providing the highest level of service as their delivery and engagement throughout the sales process is ultimately an extension of my business. Managed Solution’s sales team, project managers, and engineers have all exceeded my expectations throughout these engagements and have not only been a pleasure to work with, but provide the highest level of support to customers, so I trust that my customers will be happy with the services I referred. My customers have had great feedback in working with the Managed Solution team and I’m excited to continue to build on our partnership and refer them as our preferred technology partner.”

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