Our Culture

Who are we, and why do we do IT?

We're technology obsessed humans who drive growth through a people-focused delivery of tools & services. In our 20 years of service, we have witnessed time and time again, the incredible impact that the right technology and support can make on a business and its people. In our work, success is more than meeting a bottom line. It means watching our clients, partners, and team overcome challenges to achieve even their biggest goals and create lasting connections along the way. That kind of inspiration is hard to stop chasing, and that's what pushes us forward.

Our Story

In 2002 our CEO, Sean Ferrel, founded Managed Solution with the mission of creating a better way to support companies through the power of technology. In the last 20 years of operations, we have managed to actualize that original vision and so much more thanks to our incredible team and a collective, unwavering passion for what we do.


Employee Journey

Our business is our team – our services are quite literally not possible without the humans behind the technology solutions.

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We invest in our team accordingly, through equitable compensation, supportive atmosphere, learning opportunities, and comprehensive benefits suited to our team’s diverse needs. From interviews to onboarding, even to promotion or separation: we strive to provide a consistent, incredible experience throughout the Employee Journey.

Mission & Core Values

The mission is simple: to deliver excellent technology solutions & services through collaborative innovation. How do we achieve this? By aligning our strategy, operations, and interactions with our core values.


Demonstrate consistent, trustworthy behavior. That means we are honest with everyone, take ownership (even in the face of failure), and do the right thing – even when no one is looking.


Cultivate a diverse work environment and forward-thinking business. By supporting an open exchange of ideas, we enable our business to be driven by creativity and collaboration.


We work together and support one another to achieve a clear, common goal, while taking accountability for our own contributions and the overall teams success.


Leading with care for our community, customers, and culture. We believe people are the heart of IT, and strive to be authentic, inclusive, and celebratory of one another's successes.


We always say that culture is built, not bought. With that, learn more about our very own culture architects here at Managed Solution whose hard work, decision-making and leadership skills set the foundation of our awesome environment.

Technology is the tool, but people are our superpower.
Sean Ferrel

Community Outreach

Managed Solution is proud to support our San Diego and technology communities. Not only do we service numerous clients in the non-profit space, we also regularly engage in community events and volunteer opportunities. This includes setting up + donating needed technology and volunteering in the College Bound program by Just In Time for Foster Youth, raising funds and annually participating in San Diego Humane Society's Walk for Animals, and so much more.

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