Financial Organization Stays Compliant With Managed Solution & Microsoft

About the Client

This financial company’s IT Manager came to Managed Solution with several pain points, including remaining compliant and the daily, mundane IT tasks. They needed a more secure and scalable solution that allowed the IT Manager to focus on more critical projects and company growth.

The Challenge

This client faced a daunting challenge when a regulatory compliance audit revealed shortcomings in their current system, which relied on Google Apps. Faced with the urgency to rectify their compliance issues, FinSecure Solutions turned to the expertise of Managed Solution.

Before charting the migration path to Microsoft 365, Managed Solution performed a thorough assessment of the existing environment. This evaluation not only identified the compliance gaps, but also laid the groundwork for a tailored solution that would transform their digital landscape.

Key Results
  • Migrated from Google to Microsoft 365

  • Passed compliance audit

  • Reduced infrastructure costs

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