Nationwide Senior Living Facility Saves $250,000 With Hybrid Cloud

About the Client

This nationwide senior living facility has over 24 offices and 1,200 employees needed to reduce IT capital and operational expenses while improving employee collaboration and remaining compliant.

The Challenge

A senior living facility with a nationwide footprint, found itself at a technological crossroads. Faced with the ever-present challenge of balancing operational efficiency, collaboration improvement and the imperative of maintaining HIPAA and PCI compliance, the facility sought a transformative solution.

Golden Springs approached Managed Solution with a clear goal: to reduce IT capital and operational expenses while enhancing collaboration and ensuring compliance with the stringent standards of HIPAA and PCI.

Key Results

The results were nothing short of transformative. In the first year alone, the senior living facility witnessed a remarkable reduction in IT spend, with over $250,000 saved. This cost-saving model not only supported the facility's growth trajectory but also addressed compliance concerns, providing critical data backup and disaster preparedness through the cloud.

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