Five Sets of Best Practices to Optimize Your IT Department

new horizons managed solution 5 sets of best practices

Often, gaining technical expertise is top-of-mind when considering training, and the best practices of project management and improved processes get neglected. IT departments are challenged to create and continuously improve processes that provide highly efficient services with more business value. This is where utilizing ITIL, CBAP, PMP, Six Sigma and ITMLP/ ITMLE best practices is beneficial.
The goals are simple to state, but more complex to deliver, which is why these best practice systems are so important:
  • Reduce costs to deliver, but improve value of service.
  • Improve customer satisfaction while remaining aligned to your businesses’ needs.
  • Offer balanced and flexible service while increasing productivity.
  • Have services well-designed for current needs, but adaptable to future changes.
In a survey by Iron Mountain 5,500 companies, results reveal that most participating companies are not satisfied with how their core processes run, even though they have formal programs for how they should be managing information. 90% of respondents consider process efficiency imperative to the business goals and overall success of their organization, but 93% were dissatisfied with their business-support processes and are actively trying to improve them.

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