Windows 10 is Reimagining Industries for a Mobile World

In today’s mobile-first world, there are almost as many mobile connections as there are people, likely surpassing the global population in 2018 with 9 billion connections. For industry leaders, this always-on, connected new world presents an opportunity to reimagine their businesses by focusing on:

Airline Uses Tablets to Offer a Fun, Engaging Entertainment Experience to Its Passengers

As part of a plan to upgrade their in-flight entertainment, improve customer loyalty, and enhance their overall passenger experience, Alaska Airlines deployed 7,000 Toshiba Encore 2 tablets to provide new in-flight entertainment options. Flight attendants report that customers love the devices, and the airline plans to deploy more tablets to meet customer demand.
Using Windows tablets, Alaska Airlines is reinventing what it means to fly by delivering new, innovative passenger experiences.
“Innovating a flight experience starts with really understanding our customers,” says Curtis Kopf, Alaska’s vice president of innovation. “With that end user in mind, we made the decision to move to Windows because of the flexibility of the platform and the ability to deliver a wide array of content options.”4
Now you too can offer new service lines with Windows devices, delighting your customers as you meet mobile challenges in your own industry.

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