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By Nicole Herskowitz, Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Platform as written on
We’re excited to announce AzureCon, a virtual event on September 29. AzureCon is for the Azure community—developers and IT professionals who want to learn about the latest Azure innovation and understand how customers are using the platform to transform their business. AzureCon builds on last year’s AzureConf and will feature even more technical sessions, opportunities to hear directly from the engineering team behind the Azure platform and learn about what’s next with Azure. Following keynotes by Azure executives, members of our product team and community will participate in live Q&A sessions and deliver technical sessions. The wide range of sessions are designed to meet your needs—whether you’re just getting started or want to dive deep into the unlimited possibilities enabled by Azure.
When you join us at AzureCon, you’ll be among the first to hear about what’s next with Azure. New innovation in compute, storage, and networking will help you easily build, deploy, and manage apps at scale and on your terms. Enabling hybrid, secure, and easy-to-manage cloud environments are core to our ongoing investments based on your feedback. Market-leading innovation in areas such as machine learning, IoT, containers, and more will take center stage at AzureCon. Don’t miss it!
And expect to hear directly from our customers as they share their stories and best practices using Azure. Startups and enterprises continue to accelerate time to market, differentiate from the competition, and reduce costs by taking advantage of the breadth and depth of the Azure platform.

Event Experience

AzureCon will include live, interactive and on-demand sessions. All of the content from AzureCon will be available on-demand after the event, so you can watch the sessions at your convenience. Live keynotes delivered by Scott Guthrie, Jason Zander, Bill Staples, and other executives. Interactive Q&As with keynote speakers, technical leaders, and partners.
Technical lap-around sessions presented by Mark Russinovich, Scott Hanselman, and other technical leaders.
More than 50 on-demand deep-dive technical sessions that drill into Azure features and capabilities led by members of our product team and community members. We will be sharing a view of these sessions in the coming weeks.

Local Experience

We encourage members of the Azure community to organize viewing parties in partnership with local Microsoft teams or Meetups to watch the live event as a group. This is a great opportunity to learn about the future of the Azure while meeting with other members of the community.
More information about AzureCon is available on our AzureCon website. We invite you to follow us on Twitter: @Azure and look out for our event hashtag #AzureCon to get the latest updates about the event.
Stay tuned for more AzureCon announcements and register today!

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