High Tech: How the Burgeoning Legal Cannabis Industry Is Harnessing Technology. Watch a panel discussion conducted by Cato Institute to learn more.

The above video was conducted by the Cato Institute for a panel discussion of the ways in which the newly (and increasingly) legal cannabis industry is harnessing the power of technology, as well as the legal barriers that still stand in their way.
Featuring Taylor West, Deputy Director, National Cannabis Industry Association (@Taylor_West); Betty Aldworth, Executive Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy (@bettyaldworth); and Amy Poinsett, CEO, MJ Freeway (@amypoinsett); Moderated by Kat Murti, Senior Digital Outreach Manager, Cato Institute (@KatMurti)
Although cannabis (otherwise known as marijuana) is still classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States—meaning that it is illegal to possess, use, buy, sell, or cultivate under federal law—state laws in 23 states (plus the District of Columbia) allow for its medical use, and four states (plus the District of Columbia) allow for its recreational use. The trend towards legalization is likely to continue with polls routinely showing majority support for legalization from the American public.
Despite a fair amount of legal confusion created by the conflicting patchwork of laws across the country (and even within the same municipalities), entrepreneurs are pouring into the industry, starting new stores, cafes, testing labs, consulting firms, and a myriad of other businesses spurred by the booming cannabis economy.

Source: http://www.cato.org/events/catodigital-high-tech-how-burgeoning-legal-cannabis-industry-harnessing-technology