Hybrid Cloud Environment Increases Productivity and Collaboration for a Real Estate Development Firm


Industry: Real Estate
Business Needs:
A small real estate firm with about twelve users who planned to grow their business quickly needed to provide users remote access, improve their network speed, and provide a better e-mail solution with larger mailboxes, anti-spam filtering and calendaring. They were currently using expensive third party conferencing tools but their mailboxes were small and they were having trouble collaborating through calendars. They needed better conferencing tools including bigger mailboxes, anti-spam filtering and calendaring. Because their employees constantly travel for meetings, they also wanted to provide better mobility with a remote access platform to make it easy to connect directly from anywhere on any device. With no current back-up strategy in place and a need to refresh their current hardware and collaboration tools, they needed a technology partner to assist with a solution scalable to grow with their business.
Managed Solution created a hybrid cloud environment that included moving from their Exchange Server to Office 365. This solution would improve calendaring, create larger e-mail mailboxes, and allowed them to implement Lync for conferencing. Managed Solution started the project by upgrading their bandwidth and their switch to prevent bottlenecks in the network. We recommended virtualizing their servers to reduce hardware costs and create added redundancy and lessen physical imprint, while implementing a Back-up and Disaster Recovery Solution to prevent data loss.
Since partnering with Managed Solution, the firm has doubled in size while reducing IT costs by switching to a hybrid cloud solution. Their technology solution supports their rapid growth model without having to implement new changes as they grow. Remote users are easily accessing e-mail through the cloud and they are very happy with the increased productivity and collaboration tools. Their staff has expressed how easy it is to use our help desk services and find a solution to daily IT issues. Deploying remote desktop services and Office 365 provided a remote mobile working solution for employees to work from anywhere on any device, enabled them to fix their calendaring issues and implement Lync for conferencing, which helped them reduce costs from third party conferencing companies.

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