Today’s businesses are looking to succeed by working smarter, faster and more efficiently, and construction companies are no different in that regard. Where they do often differ from most other businesses is in their structure. Many construction companies have lots of employees in numerous offices scattered across the country and sometimes the globe. This presents challenges in building a scalable and secure IT environment for their employees.
How are some of the leading construction companies meeting this challenge of providing effective computing and productivity solutions to their dispersed workforces? They’re doing it by teaming up with Microsoft, the world leader in cloud computing and trusted partner with over 30 years experience providing enterprise solutions for businesses. Let’s take a closer look at three examples of how Microsoft is helping the construction industry.
  • At the heart of any construction company is project work and management. Construction solutions firm Hilti Corporation was looking to coordinate projects in its offices in over 20 countries spread out over 6 continents. How did Hilti keep its projects organized and moving forward when contributors where scattered across different time zones around the world? Hilti chose Office 365 and Microsoft Project Online over a homegrown solution for the security and global availability with the added flexibility to quickly scale out and up – all at a fraction of the cost of building their own solution. See how Hilti bolsters its bottom line with Microsoft Project! >>>
Learn why more and more businesses are playing it smart and trusting Microsoft to help them with their cloud computing needs. See how Microsoft Office 365 delivers the productivity tools we’ve all learned to trust like Word and Excel, along with services and apps like Sharepoint, Skype and Project that allow teams, whether local or remote, to work efficiently and collaboratively.


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